Sunday, April 3, 2011

Menu Board Monday Edition #9: Beef Pastry Pockets with Gravy

Hi everybody! Once again, thanks for stopping by for Menu Board Monday!  Mom has returned with yet another great recipe!  I hope you all enjoy!

Happy Cooking!

Well, Hello-o-o-o-o-o, AGAIN!!  I'm back for a return visit.  Please do not in any way mistake this for me actually cooking, as I really don't cook amazing things, especially for the two of us.  But, took some pictures just in case Tea might need a "guest" post during her move.  I guess what I'd really like to share here is a method, not the actual recipe, as there really isn't one.  And the story behind the method goes something like this:

A while back, a friend of Brad's (that's my better half) called in a panic when his freezer failed him.  He had a bunch of beef that had thawed but was still cold and needed to be cooked.  Brad fired up the grill and flipped burger after burger until all the patties were cooked.  We then put them in our Foodsaver (the air sucking machine) and in the freezer they went.  Meanwhile, I was in the kitchen browning the ground beef and putting it into 2 cup bags and "Foodsaving" it as well.  All that meat, in both its forms, came in so handy that it has became a practice to purchase ground beef when it comes on sale and bring it home, cook it, and freeze it.  Sometimes I add celery and onion, etc. and sometimes it is just plain with a little salt and pepper.  Oh, so handy for so many dishes like tacos, sloppy joes, and anything else that takes a little burger.  Having it cooked already lets you skip one whole step and several dirty dishes.  Let me tell you how important this has become since our dishwasher quit and my hands are truly "dish panned".  So, this supper was inspired by the freezer and its contents and my pantry and its stocked shelves.  How grateful I am for both.

One package prepared pie crusts
One package cooked burger (this one had the celery and onion added)
One can crm mushroom soup
One soup can water
One can whole kernal corn
One package brown gravy mix

Cut prepared pie crusts in half using a pizza cutter (or other method of your choice).  Warm the grnd beef in the microwave and place a spoonful on one side of the half circle.  Wet edges, fold over and seal.  I also crimped with a fork and poked holes in the top so the steam wouldn't soggy the crust.  (Brad cannot stand anything soggy  --  remember my reference to his dislike to pasta?  Soggy . . . ) 

Made an eggwash with egg and water and brushed the top with the wash and then sprinkled with salt and pepper.

 Popped in the oven at about 375 degrees and just kept an eye on them.  Probably cooked for about 25 minutes or so.  They got to be a nice golden brown and the house smelled so yummy.  Nothing better than pie crust baking!!  And, I didn't even have to get mad, stamp my feet, throw it at the wall, or anything!!  It came in a box and was in my freezer just waiting for my inspiration.  Well, maybe that's going a wee bit far.

This is one cut and served on my, oh so old, plates.  But the taste not even affected by my old cupboard ware.  Grated cheese would have been a great addition to the grnd beef (I love it, but it doesn't love me so I don't use it in excess).

To add a little moisture, I made a gravy out of the corn, soup, water, and gravy mix.  It was so good, but I must warn you that this serving pictured could have served two.  So, instead of four servings, you could end up with eight if you share with someone you love.  Just a suggestion.

Well, hope you enjoy, and remember to add your own twist.  Maybe spice it up a bit if you're into that sort of thing. . . . . .  (insert smile here). 

Until next time . . . . 



  1. They look really good!

  2. Those look so delicious! Thanks Kathy and your dishes remind me of home. My mom has those plates too!

  3. Made these but i had crescent dough in the fridge and i didn't have any corn so i used peas!! Thanks for the great Dinner!! The kids loved it...


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