Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oven, anyone?

Wow!  It's been one of those days! I woke up thinking I'd be able to be a productive child today... since I have to go teach some young ladies a thing or two about cooking tonight and thought I'd get a head-start on things so it wouldn't take so long.  I have decided to make personal pan pizzas with them, and then they all want to know how to fill cupcakes, because we all know they're better that way! :) So, as I was baking the cupcakes {something I do all-too often} my house seriously smelled like it was on fire! I checked several times and the cupcakes were baking just fine... I checked them with 8,6,& 4 minutes left on the timer and I ALWAYS time them for less time to make sure that things won't get burnt! Well, the tops still weren't done, but the burning smell was only getting stronger!  So the common sense in my head is saying something is obviously wrong! I removed the pans from the oven, and decided that perhaps, somehow some batter dripped in the oven! That happens right? Well, not this time! There is nothing in the oven at all that could be burning! I then took the cupcakes out of the pan to cool on a wire rack! Holy HELL!! The tops are mushy and the bottoms are BLACK! I mean.... cupcake liners? Not even recognizable! So guess what!?  I need a new oven! Mine, that I've had for 14 years is in my garage because it has a short in it and there was one in this house when we moved so I figured it was usable until I could get another.  Well, it obviously has "issues" also! So, there is a moral to this sad story! ....errrr. I think it has one!  When things seem to be going wrong all the time..... you should probably just hide under a rock, save up some money, and buy a damn stove!  Yup! I think that's it!

I would have taken some pictures to back my story up... however, the cupcakes were practically in flames as I took them out the back door and straight into the garbage can! Of course, now my house smells like I had an "oven accident" and I'm wishing it was warm outside so I could open windows and turn on ceiling fans! But it is cold and I'm wearing a jacket around so I'm thinking opening the windows is not even an option today! Perhaps someone should invent a "FEBREZE" type spray that will rid the house of the burning food odor! Could we ever be so lucky? Doubt it!

So... to make a long story (that only took 20 minutes to create) short... someone else is baking cupcakes and my productivity is going to be shown by an empty space in my kitchen where an oven SHOULD BE!

Hope everyone has a better baking day than me!

Happy Cooking!

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