Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Resolutions? Try Making Bread!

The last two months, with the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I have been so entirely busy baking for some amazing customers, neighbors, and friends. The one item that seems to take over my kitchen during the holiday is ROLLS!  People love homemade rolls! The soft fluffy texture, the buttery flavor, and the beautiful aroma they carry just seems to have it's way of making a meal complete.

One of my favorite things to bake are rolls. I love the smell that takes over my entire home when I'm baking rolls, or any bread, for that matter.  I have so many people call and order rolls for their holiday feasts because they are "intimidated by yeast". I understand. I've been there! But now, I understand it. I love to watch it and I have come to respect it. It's kind of like me in a sense.  It doesn't like to be cold.  It is most comfortable in doing its job well when it is warm. However, it nearly dies when it gets to hot.  This, I get.  I love the 'magic' of yeast! :) There are a couple recipes I have posted here in the last couple of years that would love to help you build your confidence in the world of yeast breads!  Our Favorite Heavy Rolls are one of the easiest recipes for rolls you'll ever make.  To me, one of the most difficult steps in bread-making is the whole "shaping" process.  So Our Favorite Heavy Rolls take that step and make it even easier. I mean, who doesn't want to just pinch off a 'blob' of dough and place it on a cookie sheet?! That's my kind of easy....
Of course, if you're having a nice dinner and want to impress people a tad bit more, there's always Lion House Dinner Rolls.  This is the recipe I use when I bake rolls for the holidays.  They are so light and moist....and buttery! And yes, I like BUTTER! They are easy.  The way the Lion House rolls them is probably the most difficult step of the rolls, if you ask me.  I mean, I watched a video of them doing it one day. Well, I tried doing it like they do. I failed. Miserably. So I do it my way.  And sometimes I just roll out a huge circle, cover it with melted butter and cut it like a big ole' pizza. Then roll them for the outside edge in and they turn into absolutely beautiful crescent shaped rolls.  However you choose to make them, they are unbeatable in my eyes! So try them.... you will not be sorry.

Of course, if you'd rather have wheat bread, I have an AMAZING wheat bread recipe, even a step-by-step guide in making it!  It is so simple and so absolutely rewarding! Our Favorite Whole Wheat Bread is the BEST!
So... please, try making some bread today...or tomorrow. For heaven's sake.. add it to your list of New Years Resolutions!  I think these recipes should help you get over that intimidation of bread making. And then we can start baking even more bread together!  Have an amazing Happy New Year!

Happy Cooking!


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