Monday, December 27, 2010

Some New Year's Party Recipe Ideas...

Wow! December has been such a whirlwind! I spent nearly 3 weeks in bed, first bronchial pneumonia, then a nasty kidney infection, that I just could not kick! So needless to say, I was unable to spend the time needed on my blog. I mean seriously…. 3 posts in December? This is the foodie blog sin! For that I apologize! Then… we were gone for Christmas weekend to Wyoming, where my husband works. We had an amazing Christmas holiday! But now I am so ready to bake! I have looked thru so many different cookbooks while I’ve been in bed. And I’ve come up with a bundle of different ideas! So my neighbors better get ready for a whole bunch of goodies…. Just without Christmas sprinkles! I had some really cute sprinkles too! Darn it! I guess they’ll have to keep until next year! Oh and those really cute cookie cutters! I’m sure my family won’t mind Christmas-shaped cookies, ya think?
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! It was so great for us! Santa treated us well and we’re just happy being able to spend time together as a family! I just love family-time! Of course, I would NEVER be able to leave home without my wonderful friends that keep things going on the home-front! Thanks Sis! I just love ya! And your cute little family too! I owe you guys BIG TIME!
So I’m thinking New Years Eve party at my house! Hmmmmm…….. and what to eat? Well for starters…. I’m thinking we should have some Sweet Sandwich Ham

Of course, there’s always the sweets you must have lying around while mingling…. Like Root Beer Cookies,

homemade Thin Mint cookies,

 homemade Samoa cookies,

... or maybe some soft and chewy homemade oreos

Of course, I’ll be using my SILPAT for all the oven-baked goodies! Did you enter the SILPAT giveaway? Well, I was a total slacker and drew the winner several days late! That’s what I get for choosing a drawing-date that I’m not even home and have no internet where I am! Only on my phone…. And there’s not a chance of making a post on my blog from my phone! Crazy stuff there!
Once I am done with all the New Years goodies, I can’t wait to start on VALENTINE’S RECIPES! I know, it seems so early to start that nonsense, right? Ummmm, not exactly! You see, Valentine’s Day is my birthday! {And you all wondered what made me so sweet? I was born that way ;)} Well, the way I see it… if I start baking Valentine’s food in January, my birthday will last for 1 ½ months! Hee hee! So we can all celebrate. I mean, 32 years of living as a “Sweetheart” deserves at least 1 ½ months of celebration, don’t you agree?
Well, I hope to see you here often, as I must make up for my LoooooNNNNNggggggg absence in December….

Make sure to go HERE to check out the winner of the SILPAT!!!!

Happy Cooking!

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  1. Well, I loved reading your new entry! I am glad to here you are on the mend- I missed your funny posts and getting a good giggle or two from them. And now that your feeling better- I am looking forward to many more great recipes and tips. Now to be honest I was a bit disappointed to here that I wasn't the winner...(*SNIFF*) well I guess that I will have to keep posting- Glad your back!!


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