Monday, June 9, 2014

Just because....

I have seen so many people posting on Instagram and Facebook... 100 Days of Happy. I try hard to see the best in each day but I think we all have our bad days. I believe that positive thinking heals the heart and I think it's necessary to be healthy and happy.  There are many things that make me happy, but this time of year, I just love my flowers.  My bleeding hearts are one of my favorites, however, I don't think they love me much. I have 3 plants... 1 wants to die, 1 is indecisive, and the other is hanging in there for now and not doing too bad.  My Grandma Kay always had beautiful bleeding hearts at the front of her house and I always loved them.  I was out taking pictures of flowers the other day. I just love the beauty of nature.

:) Teauna

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