Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2 year Celebration Giveaway #6- Salvesen Vinyl Creations

My friend, Bartni, has offered up an awesome giveaway!  She has a vinyl/crafting blog where she makes and posts some pretty darn cute stuff! She also sells Scentsy!  So, she's sharing a little bit of both of her businesses with us!  This giveaway is for a darling Halloween tile and a set of Eskimo Kiss fragranced Room Spray, Car Candle, and Scentsy Bar!  Awesome giveaway and something we can all use, right!  I love Scentsy! 


  1. I love contests! Good gifts too. Excited to see who wins and give them a high five.

  2. Tea you have some of the best friends and what fun this scent would be for the holidays. Love ya

  3. You make my day you are the bestest friend ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! to many of us......


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