Sunday, December 11, 2011

My New Adventure...... *Your Cup of Tea Bakery*

So... now you know why I haven't been on my blog as much! My new {at least the name is new... not necessarily the business} bakery business has taken off like CrAzY!  I have been soo busy baking and filling orders for people!  Lots of cakes & cupcakes & rolls & pies!  Lots and lots of yummy treats!  I love that people call me when they want some baked goodies! I'm glad that people trust me to bring tasty treats to their friends and family!  :)  My sweet friend and I spent an afternoon doing a fun photoshoot to get some pics for business cards and signs!  I'll share a few here....  And, in case you're wondering.... YES.... I LoVe red AND I LoVe shoes!  So.... bring me shoes {cute ones} and I'll bake for you! :) 
ha ha... I should've cleaned my boots?! Ummmm.... nope! Just keeping it real:)

Yeah.... I know! This has nothing to do with me in the kitchen... but hey! It's me! And that's all :)

Happy Cooking !

Teauna :)

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