Sunday, July 7, 2013

I.AM.ALIVE.... I think....

Hello!  Can anybody hear me? Is anybody out there? It's been months since I've been here to visit with you all. MONTHs, I tell ya! SIX MONTHS!  And I'm so sorry.  Life truly caught me in a crazy and horrific turmoil this past 6 months. Lots of things I'm not going to bore you with. Now I MUST overcome this craziness and get back to blogging. Awe.... blogging.  I remember how happy blogging used to make me. Believe me.... I haven't quit baking or cooking.  I do it A LOT on a daily basis. I have been doing so so many cakes.
I'm reallllllly wanting to do some cake classes on here.  Would anyone be interested? If I make little videos and snip-its while I'm making some cakes and give you some hints and tips of making your own fun cakes at home? Would ya, would ya? I want you to know, I am self taught.  I took the first Wilton Cake Decorating class.  The teacher was adorable, but I felt it was a waste of my time. From there, I kinda just went crazy with trial and error. I have been teaching several one-on-one fondant classes in my kitchen and they have been fun. I am doing another one this week and was thinking I might as well get out the video camera and teach a few more of you while I'm at it! What do you think?
Maybe some basic fondant skills? Then some gum paste flowers?
 Coloring fondant and decorating a fun cake? And some fondant flowers?
 Some royal icing recipes and how-tos?

Some basic frosting... This is one of my favorite looks... the rustic cream cheese frosting...
 Some royal icing flowers? And perhaps how to ice one layer cakes? Borders?
 Making designs with buttercream instead of fondant?

I would love to journal some of these different techniques and ideas here and am hoping I'll find some of you interested! And then after each class, perhaps we should have a fun space where you can all post pics!? Like a link party?! Let's do it!  I hope to see you soon! I will take the millions of pictures off my camera and show you some more of my work I've been doing lately on another post soon!  Any other things you'd like to see? Suggestions? Feel free to send them my way!

Lots of love sent from me to you!

Happy Cooking!



  1. I Would be interested! I think its a Great Idea!


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