Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ideas for "sharing" your zucchini crop ...

I have to admit, usually during this time of year, I'm out in my HUGE garden picking boxes and boxes full of zucchini, wondering "what can I do next with this?". However, this year, I took a much-needed break and didn't even plant a garden.  Oh! I miss it soooo much!  Yes.. even the work! Believe me, next year THERE WILL BE A GARDEN!  Anyhow.. back to the point of my story... I don't like to see beautiful produce go to waste.  I like to find a use for it.. even if it is chicken feed, it's still a use:)  I did learn that I have one horse that will eat yellow zucchini but she won't touch any other kind of squash.  She's cool like that! :)  Wow!.. I am having a problem with getting off the subject.. So, back to it! In finding different ways to use my zucchini, I became quite a menace to others at times, tee hee!  I had neighbors that would find some zucchini tied together with some raffia or jute with one of these sweet little tags...

I loved the thought of making people laugh, whether or not they really wanted zucchini or not!  And sometimes, if I had an abundance of zucchini bread, I'd add it to a basket, with zucchini, a cute kitchen towel, and this tag...

So, if you have some extra zucchini that needs to be put to good use, try one of these fun ideas!  Afterall, it will make someone's day! :)

Happy Cooking!


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